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OMG. Hello. Are you still there? It’s been so long since I last blogged that WordPress barely recognised me. It wasn’t sure it should let me into my own webpage. Luckily, I had bruises to prove who I was. Having re-entered to world of Actual Paid Employment, blogging has had to take a backseat. Because working and tri training was proving enough of a challenge.

Bruises to prove it

The good news is that the vag-bollock didn’t grow any bigger and fully consume me. So I am still alive.

The other good news is that I continue to be the world’s biggest idiot, so it’s not like I’ve run dry of stories to share. It’s simply been a question of time. And maybe inclination. Because my inclination has been to sleep. Not blog.

So the vag-bollock is no more. After a bit of an x-ray and a discovery that the pubic bones in my pelvis are misaligned – possibly as a result of trying to insert a bicycle saddle where no bicycle saddle should go. Or maybe just the result a goddam kid wedging himself in my pelvis during childbirth 13 years go. Who knows? But everything has stopped hurting, swelling and all the rest of it and I can ride again, so all is well.

I continue to use myself as a human cannon ball and the bike as a catapult mechanism, but I am on a mission to change that. I have had some lessons with the fabulous Roadie Rob. Turns out my bike handling skills are OK, it’s just my peddling skills that suck.

And, as we know, my ability to unclip when wearing cleats is appalling.

He recommended mountain bike shoes and cleats, which I have duly sourced. And I have now – through the power of Youtube – become my very own bike mechanic.  I have installed one cleat on one shoe. And in my eagerness to check out how the shoe clips to the peddle, I have also managed to install a peddle on my shoe. And can’t remove it. Oops.

Work & tri training

(Just confessed to the Grumpster. His reaction? FFS!…)

On combining work and tri training

Work has been an interesting distraction. And my incident proneness managed to get past security and follow me into the building.

Like the time, early in my tenure, when my colleagues had been telling me about the fantastic facilities in the basement: showers, towels, hairdryers,  hair straighteners etc. So I rocked up to work after a morning training session in my lycra and went in search of the basement. (I know, I know – most people might do a recce beforehand).

The basics of basements

Only I couldn’t find the basement.

So I ended up in a very full lift, standing next to the then GM of HR! (Now VP – do people get promoted as compensation for trauma inflicted in lifts?) Who very kindly explained that you need to be inducted to use the basement and have your access rights upgraded to get into the changing rooms….

So I was left to shower in the disabled bathroom, dry myself with my T-shirt, and potentially caused a safety incident because the floor was then awash with my anti-stench suds, and no mop on hand to try and reduce the sloshiness of the floor. And all this in a room designed for people who might be physically hindered prior to entering its 4 walls.

Shower room etiquette

Then there was the time, having located and obtained access to the basement, I jumped in the shower, performed anti-stenching and realised I’d forgotten to grad a towel.

And the time, I jumped in the shower, remembered to grab a towel, but realised I’d turned up to work without any underwear. And I already had some post parkrun chafe, so word to the wise, work pants/trousers are NOT comfortable worn without knickers.

Keep on training

But through it all, I have been keeping up with the training.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did manage to forget that I have Brisbane Half Marathon next weekend. So excited by the fact that I’d entered my first ever multi-sport “sprint” events, (i.e. requiring running no further than 5km), I completely erased from my brain any thought of distance running.

So, I got up early and ran to tri training, then ran some more at tri training, and by 6:45am had run 16km. My body and brain immediately switched off, which is not ideal when you have 8 hours of work to commit to before you can go home and snooze. I will not try that again in a hurry.

New purchases make you go faster

Oh, and I bought a bike. It nearly reduced the former owner to tears, parting with it. (And she doesn’t even read the blog – so she, thankfully, doesn’t know the danger her beloved bike is in).

I also bought new goggles. In club colours!

work & tri training

Awards and accolades

I finally accepted that it was a necessity when I turned up to the club awards night, glammed up á la Charlston, with goggle-eye that no amount of make-up could disguise. (Thank goodness for the low lighting).

On the night, which was an all round excellent event, I was somewhat saddened to realise the club doesn’t have an award for “most accident prone member”, as it was the only category I had a hope of featuring in next year. An oversight, I’m sure!

So, that’s where I’m at. Alive, and blogging it out on the eve of my first ever multi-sport event. Tomorrow, I will be trying to stay upright around the Springfield Duathlon course. I might even eventually let you know how I go. 🙂

What’s happening in your world?

How are you managing to combine work & tri training?


Disclaimer: This blog contains no advice on combining work & tri training. Sorry.


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