Ultimate Coffee Date: The Mother’s Day Edition

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It’s been an interesting week – I’ve been investigating new blogs to follow with more of a fitness theme (there’s nothing like reading about other people’s efforts to make you feel accountable for putting in some of your own), and KABOOM not only did I find a fabulous runners linky over in the US of A, but the universe aligned and SwimBikeMom put out a call for bloggers to link via her blog. Today, I found the ultimate coffee date catch-up, and you know I’m a joiner. So here I am.

Except I’m drinking tea.

Because that’s what us Brit’s do…

Not that I don’t like a coffee. After nearly 3 years in Australia, it’s hard to survive if you don’t give in and align yourself to the national obsession.

Because, forget the surfing.

Forget the sunshine.

Forget the deadly wildlife.

Australia is all about the coffee.

My life in Australia pre joining a triathlon club:

Life after joining a triathlon club:

Pictures courtesy of #sbtc_greenarmy

I have to tell you: I enjoyed the lie in this morning. Having been up at about 4:15 – 4:30am every morning to join a ride or a run since Tuesday, and parkrun (which was a slightly later start, as I only had to be there for 7am). It was good to catch up on a few zeds. Especially as it is so much sweeter when you feel you’ve really earned it. And it was the first lie in that I feel I’ve earned in a long time.

Mind you, I’m at a bit of a loss now, as this is my rest day.

It’s just that now I don’t know what to do with myself.

The other thing is that I feel like an imposter in my own Mother’s Day.


Strange, I know, but Mother’s Day in the UK (so the official one) has been and gone – in March.

And the girls aren’t home. This is the first Mother’s Day where they have been at uni. And it’s compounded by the woes of them being students and living on a budget.

(I got an anxious phone call on Friday with the news that they had agreed to be part of a group birthday present for a friend. The gift buyer was VERY generous with the choice of item. And  most of the other people who initially signed up to it, dropped out).

The upshot is that something had to give. A Mother’s Day gift or food for the week.

They need to eat…

At least, I think they do….Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.34.38 PM

But there was a positive that came from their dilemma.

I learnt an amazing fact about my son: Herbert had been listening. It’s a rarity!

He started his Mother’s Day planning early this year. He’d been grilling me for ideas on what I wanted. On Thursday. (To get this in perspective, Twin 1 was astonished that he’d even noticed there was Mother’s Day coming up. Let alone as early as before the day..!)

He wanted ideas for what I would like. I told him it really wasn’t how much he spent that was important. It really is the thought that counts. And besides, I have most of what I need in life. I have my family, I have my health. I don’t want for much else.

Apart from ALL the things triathlon.

Yesterday, he subtly asked for the link to “that swimming site you were talking about. You know. The one that sells swim caps.”

Today, he announced proudly, they are getting me the swimming cap I wanted. SURPRISE!! 😀

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.07.06 PM

Madam, I assure you, it’s is in the post.

And the present the girls had planned is deferred until my birthday, when they’ve forgone sufficient food to be able to afford it. Bless them.

So, you know what, I’m going to go for a run today. Especially as it will do more than just me some good:

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.44.01 PM

Then I’m going to my favourite coffee shop to get a coffee. I have a sudden taste for one…


Thank you to DeborahLynda and Coco for hosting Ultimate Coffee Date and let newbies join in.

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