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The multi sport training plan is not going to plan.

Yesterday, my training plan said I should swim. I did not swim.

Training plan
Courtesy of Swim Bike Mom

Instead I coloured my hair. Not exactly on the training plan, I know. But…

It’s one thing when the Grumpster informs me that my silver is twinkling in the sunlight: I’m used to that. But when Herbert, full of newly sprouted broad shoulders and his expert 13 year old opinions comes out with “Mum, do you know you need to colour your hair? Your grey is REALLY obvious”, I knew I had reached that level where I had taken on an uncanny resemblance to a badger. And something had to be done.

And we had an invitation to “braai” with Whyalla friends. (We weren’t travelling 2000kms to “burn meat”, by the way – it’s just that there has been a mass exodus to Brisbane in the last 6 – 9 months).

So, I didn’t want to blind them with my hair-sparkle. And I needed to take a side dish for 8. And just the effort of thinking of an appropriate side was a big distraction requiring hours out of my day. My brain just does not function around food prep.

And you can’t swim in chlorine immediately before or after colouring your hair. Not unless you want to adjust the colour to green or purple. This might be a myth, but in my mind, there is a STRONG chance this might happen. And as I colour my hair to adjust it back the shade it is supposed to be (because in my mind I am still in my 20s and it is horribly shocking to be faced with an older imposter peering at me in the mirror when I catch myself off-guard), green or purple is not a shade I choose. (The days for the blue rinse being a viable option are approaching way too fast as it is).

And today I was going to get up for Parkrun. And not only that, I had psyched myself up to cycle there! As part of the training for Brisbane to the Bay, not to mention my future triathlon.

Only we may have stayed out a little later than anticipated. The plan was to leave at about 9pm. But there may have been chatting that consumed me beyond my time limit.

And we’ll not mention the navigational crises endured getting to and from our friends’. Because they were nothing to do with the Grumpster. The ones on the way there were because Google maps via an Android phone “is just stupid”.

We used Google maps via an iPhone on the way home, so I’m not entirely sure what was to blame then…. (Erm……)

(Next time, I’ll dispense with the middle man Grumpster [nameless entity] and let Google tell me itself where to steer).

So we got to bed too late and I didn’t wake up* this morning. So I couldn’t go to Parkrun. *It might have helped if I’d even set an alarm…

And as it was later in the day, traffic may have emerged onto the roads. And that was just a plain terrifying prospect. So cycling was OUT.

And if you’re reading this thinking this is just a litany of excuses, you’re WRONG.

These are perfectly valid REASONS.

There are no excuses on this page. None. Whatsoever.


OK. Maybe.

But this is the norm. This is how my training works.  There are all the things that are supposed to happen according to the training plan. And then I make up a whole heap of excuses.

Not every day, you understand.  Last year, I did try REALLY hard to stick to my plan, and the days I didn’t were down to sheer exhaustion. But I did enough of the plan to get round the Comrades course in just under the 12 hour cut-off.

But as I don’t have any specific goal at the moment – apart from cycling 50km in June and running 21.1km in August (and there is a strong possibility of another half in July now) – which count – but I don’t have a triathlon goal. Because the triathlon season is about to wind down for the year. Triathlon is a summer sport. Or at least, winter is the off season.  And I need the big hairy-scary non-negotiable DEADLINE. It’s just how I’m wired.

And I need a training plan that takes the thinking out of what I need to do each day.

I could write my own training plan. For running at least. And I have access to one that will work for me. And I think the principles of a cycling training plan would work in a similar way. And I know I know friend Google will supply any number of swim plans, if I want.

I just haven’t done those things. Googled/written…

So there is NO plan to adhere to. And you know what they say:

training plan

And that means there is nothing really to adhere to. Nothing more than an idea. Certainly no commitment

So, I’m going to go for a run now. A low heart rate one. (I tried that the other day, but I think my max heart rate was set to “level sky rocket”, so I swear I was running a tempo run (I was slightly breathless and it felt like I was pushing the pace to stay in the zone) rather than at the easy pace it was supposed to be. I have since adjusted the settings, so I’m hoping it no longer thinks my max heart rate is sky rocket. And I’m hoping it will actually feel easy today. Especially as my shin is twinging just a fraction.

On the upside, I found 2XU were on sale in the Qantas shop. And I had enough points for a pair of recovery socks. So that meant they were technically free and I could buy them without unhappiness from the Grumpster. #HASHTAG winning #again And if the worst comes to the worst, I can delight my long-suffering hubstacle by sporting black compression socks with whatever ensemble I happen to have on. The look is really fetching. Especially when I add in my running shoes. I was relaxing in this attire and cooking dinner the other night when he came home from work. It’s just a wonder he managed to keep his hands to himself.

So when I get back, I can get busy doing research. (Yay!) And get me a training plan pulled together! Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan to fail. xxx

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