Thursday Thoughts: you really want to know?

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Hello Thursday. Is it just me, or has this week been really long already? And I’ve only been back at work since Tuesday!

I am sooooo tired, and I don’t know if it’s just me, or whether it’s because peeps have been feral. I can’t decide if work has been a little trying, or I am simply weary from Week 3 of the SBTC Mooloolaba plan?

Luckily the Bondi Hipsters have saved the day and made me chuckle with their new music video, which you can watch here, if you need a laugh.

There is a strong chance that I am a weary…look at this

My week in pictures:


Just 4 little pictures. 4 hours of moments lurching between tranquility to the depths of despair to exhilaration to questioning my sanity, existence, persistence…and each time coming away with some happy endorphins making me warm and fuzzy and wanting to do it all again.

Only better, faster.

And again.

Training with the club always gives me the “I wanna be good like them” feels!

Friday Phobia

I should really colour my hair tonight – it’s in desperate need – the grey is very dazzling in too much sun and could cause an eye injury. And if I don’t do it now, there is a very strong chance I will have missed my window for the next 3 days. Why? Because I have Crossfit Fundamentals #4 tomorrow.

If you don’t speak Crossfit, that translates as “won’t be able to move my arms till Monday”.

And as I’m already feeling tired, I think I have Friday phobia.

At least I have the day off. Off work, at least. (Even if I am going for an hour of levelled up muscle brutality. The one where I emerge, and if I were placed next to someone who had just done bikram hot yoga, you would think they had just walked out of a coolroom, by comparison).

So yes. Didn’t you know? No? Well, let me just rub it in. Yes, I’ve taken every Friday in January off, instead of having a 2 week block of leave, I’ve split the second week into single days. It totally feels like #winning right now.

And as much as I love my Friday Riverloop, tomorrow will be a lie in.

I always find it hard to say no to training sessions, as I love being part of the gang and hate missing out.

But this week, I am trying to remember that rest is as much a part of the training programme.

I’m just not quite sure when I’m going to fit it in. 

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