There’s a dog in my toilet!

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Not  literally in my toilet, you understand.  He’s not there, gazing up at me. Thank goodness.  That would be a bit freaky.  Although I have caught him with his head in the bowl having a crafty drink.  Which makes me think that it’s just as well I have a touch of the eco warrior about me.  Otherwise, if he were a cartoon dog, his tongue would end up bleached white.  As he’s an actual real dog, he’d have probably croaked. 🙁

Doodles is that tasty

He does have a bit of a fixation with the bathroom.  I can’t really have a quiet bath without him trying to invite himself into the tub to keep me company.  Which is very thoughtful of him, but not what I really want.  Bath time is me time.  Do you know what I mean?

So anyway, I was just trying to have a quiet wee, as you do, when Doodles realised he couldn’t see me.  Oh the panic!  (You’d think he was with a human 24/7, when in fact we’re a busy family, and he’s alone with Boo during school hours)!  He rushed around the house trying to track me down.  And oh the relief when I was located sitting on the loo!!  There I was! Safe!  He wasn’t abandoned afterall, poor pooch.  And for that, I was rewarded with some very serious licks.  On my leg.  The bare bit above my trousers and below where my knicker line should be.  Which was very, very weird.  Not in a good way.

Do you need company?
Do you need company?

Bless the dog, it’s not his fault.  We are his 5th home in 3.5 years, so maybe the threat of abandonment weighs heavy at all times.  Maybe he thinks the inevitable 6 month shunt is fast approaching, but if he proves his love enough this time, we’ll let him stay*.  Or maybe it’s just because he’s a Viszla and that’s his nature: needing to be near a human every waking moment.  The good news is Boo is pretty convinced she’s a human, so in that way he always is.  And better still, Doodles, you may be a vexing creature at times, but we do love you a lot.  No need for the leg licks, OK?

* Doodles was loved by previous owners, he’s just had a very bad run of luck.

Love the Jolly Runner xx


What sort of pets do you have?  Do they rule your roost?  Or is it just me?

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