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The Long Jog to Comrades No Comment

Yesterday I read a post that informed me it is 55 days until Comrades. EEEKKK!!!   That is pretty scary.

Then today, I read an article about Caroline Wostmann, who placed 6th female in last year’s Comrades.  But 6 years ago, she was just another someone a lot of women runners could relate to – trying to find something to wear in her wardrobe a few months after giving birth and coming up with nothing.  That’s certainly how I found running.  To go from run/walk/puffing round the block to finishing Comrades in under 7 hours is pretty impressive.  And so is her attitude to running.  She is incredibly dedicated to her training.

Which reminds me of another woman I find pretty inspiring: Coach Zoey over at Operation Move.  She also has that mental toughness that means she gets up when the alarm goes off at silly o’clock, despite the warmth of the bedclothes.  And runs intervals hard, even though it isn’t the most fun you can have whilst you’re doing it.  (I admit, you do feel on top of the world when you’ve pushed through; I just don’t often).

And this is what draws me to long (really long) distance running.  Because, whilst I admire those qualities hugely, they’re not ones that I have innately.  I have qualities like friendliness and resilience (I’m like the proverbial rubber ball), but I’m not really good at turning it on every time I need to.  The cosy bed will often win out in my world.

Which is partly why the thought of Comrades is freaking me out.  I’ve stuffed around when I could have got out there, and then fallen ill and had a dodgy hip which have genuinely sidelined me.  So I know there is more I could have done.

Zoey wrote a fab post on accepting who you are as a runner over on the Operation Move blog, but running for me is about finding who I am.  Can I find enough of those qualities that aren’t at the core of my make-up to be able to do something that is best achieved on the back of consistency and dedication?

We have 54 days to find out.  I’d better get back off here and hit the road!!

Laterzzzz. xxxx

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