The Comrades Marathon

The Ultimate Human Race


I’m no expert on the Comrades Marathon, so this is a place to curate links to places you can visit if you want to know more about the Ultimate Human Race.

The official Comrades site has a wealth of information about the history and the route, as well as the “official” training plans, although several other notable coaches with Comrades pedigrees publish alternatives.

Probably my favourite site on all things Comrades is Nikki Campbell’s Also Ran Runners site.  She has run Comrades many times, so knows what running Comrades is all about.  Plus she’s not an elite athlete, so very relatable for the likes of a plodder like me.

One of the great things that Comrades does is support a number of charities across South Africa.  I hate choosing a charity, because there are so many great causes out there, but you might have noticed that I have a soft spot for furry beasts, so I’ve signed up to raise money for the Wildlands Trust.  They do conservation work to try and protect the amazing wildlife in South Africa.  If you ever get the chance to go to a game reserve and see the Big 5 in their natural habitat, do it.  And do it soon, before species like the rhino are wiped out by poachers!  This is a link to my sponsorship page, if you want to help the Wildlands Trust do more of their amazing work.

My Comrades fundraising page

Thank you so much to those who sponsored me.  It really means a lot. I finally got to see a black rhino in the wild whilst we were in South Africa.  She was called Tornado, because her head is a bit bullet-shaped due to her being born without ears.  It was a fantastic way to round off a wonderful trip back to South Africa. 😀

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