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Spring is sprung.  I know this for a fact because I’ve swallowed my first fly of the season.  And I wasn’t even trying to go paleo at the time!

But like a little lamb, I’ve sprung into a new health regime.  Now you’d think, or at least I thought (because I can’t imagine you spend a significant proportion of your day worrying about what’s going on in my little head) – so yes, I thought that I’d have loads of time on my hands with this running injury, so that I’d get to all the things.  All the things that allude me normally because I’m either running or too tired from running and just neeeed a little nap.

There are many things I thought I’d be more bothered about and find time for – like planning meals, for instance. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be able to do this sort of thing. (Certainly seems so when I read all the good parenting magazines and blogs.  It makes me realise there is a gap in my proficiency and yes, I hang my head in shame at my delinquency.  In fact, I may be missing an ingredient essential to femininity).  But luckily I was born with the attention span of a gnat, so the worry doesn’t stay with me for long. 🙂

Anyway, turns out I can’t, even with more time on my hands – or to be more precise, can’t be bothered…  Because it just hurts my head.  It reminds me of science lessons.  (They hurt my head a lot, even though Physics was my third favourite subject after English and German: possibly explained by having a cute teacher).

And it’s not like I don’t like making things – give me a picture and a pair of knitting needles and I can probably figure out how to recreate some miniature woolly version of what we’re looking at in less than an hour. Give me a chicken breast, a capsicum and a potato and all you will get is a blank stare.

Creating this egg cosy didn't make my head hurt..
Creating this egg cosy didn’t make my head hurt..

So, with the lack of running, too much reading about how to be healthy and the generally empty head around what that means as a meal  (oh, and don’t forget the Thermomix that has instructed me on how to make edible cake – something else I hadn’t fathomed, because any previous handmade effort was likely to sink a duck), and my waistline has started to expand at an alarming rate.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know (in the logical part of my brain) that I’m not particularly overweight.  However, there is another part that senses my tightening pants and immediately goes back to childhood conversations like “my grandma thinks you’re bonny. When she says people are bonny, she means they’re fat“, then freaks out and regresses to being an insecure pre-teen, with a hand in the lolly jar for comfort.

Now the difference I’ve found between insecure pre-teen-me and current-day-me (apart from cunningly disguised grey hairs, a few *cough* wrinkles and about 35 years) is a sense of control.  And I get that from owning my life.  And I seem to have been having a wee bit of a wobble in that department recently. So, I have decided to take back control. Or rather, I’ve gone one better. I have decided to outsource it – at least the control over my food – to the one and only Michelle Bridges.

I have tried this before, and it has had varying levels of success.  When I first gave 12wbt a whirl, I was very dedicated.  Some, particularly the Grumpster, would say martyred. (If truth be told, I gave him a good run for his money on the Grumpster stakes, and nearly took his crown).  Luckily, the family threw an ambush before I quite managed to win the title, as they realised the recipes were pretty damn tasty and better than most of our normal fare.  Which seemed to come packaged in take-out boxes a bit too regularly. So, we converted on masse to eating the 12wbt way.  I also stuck rigidly to the exercise plan and lost some weight, and was “successful”.

I guess you could say on the downside, the food allowance was less than I needed, so it gave me leeway to nibble and snack on all the sugary treats that *complement* my diet, so I didn’t really change my habits.

The good news is that there are thermomix versions of the recipes AND the calorie allowances are higher now, which means the portions will be more generous.  I’m still a bit confused about the whole low-fat = sneaky added sugar, so I’m tempted to replace things like low-fat yoghurt with the real deal. (That’s obviously because of my IQS credentials and nothing to do with the fact that it just tastes a gazillion times better…) But that sort of thing tends to get into the “me making decisions about food” and that’s a scary place!!

So, for now, I need to do some fitness testy type things.  Which is not good, as the effects on my fitness after 4 weeks of doing no exercise is going to be revealed in all its glory. *Gulp*  But the physio needled my ITB again yesterday, (I did take a photo, but I think it’s safer to leave you with the mental image, rather than the real one: my bum was transformed into a porcupine, briefly), and it seems to be much, much, much better today. Which means things can only get better. Can’t they?

Have you had any moments of Spring madness yet?

What are your plans for the next 12 weeks?


P.S.I have to confess that I will still be following my Operation Move running programme, because the 12wbt one does get a tad tedious.  But shh, let’s just keep that between ourselves.

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