Should dogs quit sugar?

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I blogged once this month already, so I’m as surprised as you are that I’m back on the wires again. But I have some exciting news to share. (And it isn’t that Lord Oscarmort suddenly discovered affection. I mention this because he’s just spent the last 5 minutes growling and hissing at me for my audacity at peeling him off the dog bed and trying to give him something approaching a cuddle…)

What can be more exciting than my impending divorce from the flies of South Australia, I hear you gasp? The answer my friends, unlike the aforementioned scourge of Whyalla, isn’t blowing in the wind, but is, in fact, a book.

Sugar free flies
Look closely: those are not smudges on the screen, they are flies

Not just any book. Sarah Wilson’s new book Simplicious.  And what’s so exciting about that? (Particularly seeing as I have both her others)… Well, I scored a signed copy.  Thank you Booktopia. 🙂

To be fair, it’s not one that actually says ” Dear Jolly, thanks for always being so cheery and occasionally remembering to keep away from the lolly jar” with a little personal note inside about the time we met (probably because we haven’t) and how she wanted me to have a copy of her book as a momento, so that one day my grandkids can appear on the Antiques Roadshow and be told that it’s value has increased by 0.05% but thank you for coming, wasn’t it a nice story?  (The Grumpster has developed a worrying addiction to the Antiques Roadshow.  I’m concerned he’s going through some sort of hyper-aging process, and is bypassing the remainder of his 40s, 50s and 60s to go direct to 70.  Either that, or he’s got a bad case of the hots for Fiona Bruce).

But it is a signed first edition, OK, and I’m pretty stoked!

That might be because I joined the 8WP crew recently and have been quitting sugar for approx. 120 hours so far.

Did the internet just die – or is the sudden hush simply your slightly dazed reaction?

I know, I know! You’re thinking “didn’t you start all the sugar quittery a couple of months ago? And didn’t it last about 5 minutes? And then, wasn’t there something not more than a couple of weeks ago with you joining 12WBT?”

And you’d be right. The answer is yes and yes.

I know!

If it’s any consolation, I am looking a little shamefaced at my inconsistency.  But in my defence, I’ve never denied or attempted to in anyway cover up my erratic attention-span-of-a-gnat nature…!

The sugar quittery failed at attempt 1 because it was too hard. The whole meal planning bit, and tracking down ingredients that aren’t staple in my pantry (in fact, they’re not staple in Whyalla, I suspect), all felt too much of a palaver. Not to mention, I kept seeing posts on Facebook and Insta reminding me that all the good stuff in life is full of sugar and therefore the end of any happiness in my life was imminent.

Sugar quittery
Seriously, this just popped up on FB this morning…

And then Michelle came along with her helpful 12wbt plan, all laid out with recipes and meal plans and shopping lists. And of course, that makes life so much easier.  It also had loads of exercise.  Which I didn’t do. My hip is a legitimate excuse for not running, but considering there are about seventy-a-hundred different exercise options, it’s not a very good one for doing nothing at all. Something else I spotted – maybe on FB, or maybe it was just floating in the universe – talked about “we make time for the things we prioritise”.  Well, I just haven’t prioritised moving recently. Unless you count moving my elbow. With a wine glass attached at the other end of it, which I’ve levered to my lips. (We won’t be in South Australia for much longer, and if you’ve seen my Insta account, you’ll know I’m enjoying the best things of living where I do). 😀

So there I was, not doing the exercise and as I wasn’t doing that, I sort of stopped doing the menus, too. But THEN, ta-daaa, helpful-henry, i.e. my inbox, pointed out that there was an actual online quit sugar program and I’d get all the recipes and meal plans and shopping lists.  But no exercise plan.  HOORAY! So paypal just sent some money quietly, (you know what paypal is like, and if you don’t click here) and that was it, I was quitting sugar – attempt 2.

So now I’m friends with Sarah, and like any good friend trying to develop a new relationship, I got on with following her instructions for week 1 and did my weekly cook up last Sunday.

Now the thing is, and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before – OK I probably have, because I am getting more repetitive the older I get – but I like having instructions to follow, but I’m not that good at it.  I kind of accidentally miss bits. And that’s the thing.  The task was to make some mini toad-in-the-holes. (Proper ones – the sort that involve sausages and Yorkshire pudding batter, not egg cooked in a slice of bread). And it said to use gluten-free or plain flour. Now, as it was the very start and I was all of a-flutter to get going, I decided I’d go with the gluten-free option.  After all, in for a penny, in for a pound. So I looked in the cupboard and was pleased to note that I had some coconut flour.  That’s gluten free, isn’t it?  Eager to please my new best friend, Sarah, I set about making the batter and whisked up the eggs, flour and milk (in the thermomix, of course), and …. it didn’t make a batter. It made bread crumbs. So I added more milk. And more, and more. And some water. And it still wasn’t really a batter, but I decided “stuff it” and shoved it my muffin trays with the sausages I’d cooked up and baked it. And baked it. And baked it, until I eventually decided “stuff it” and pulled it out again.

Dogs go sugar free

This was the result.  It was a crumbly mess, which I promptly removed the sausages from and decanted into the dogs bowls.

My dogs went sugar free for dinner that night.  Sort of. I think they still had some of their normal dog biscuits, so no furry beasts were harmed in the process. In fact, I think their health benefited.  There was an improvement in the rancidity of Dexter’s flatulence, which is normally unbearable after he’s been fed tidbits.  I’m thinking he might be gluten intolerant, as there were no unusually nasty niffs to report.

As for us poor sugar starved humans, I made another batch of batter with regular plain flour, and they turned out pretty well.  So much so that the Grumpster and Herbert were complaining that they were deprived, because I’d only made enough for me and my sugar quittery daughters.

I quit sugar iqs

I’ve managed the other meals without quite so much drama. On the whole… And I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their tastiness.

So, how do I feel after almost a week of quitting sugar?

Today’s probably not the best time to answer that, because, well, wine doesn’t contain sugar (the sugar turns to alcohol – Sarah says so). And Sarah says you can have a glass once or twice a week. So that was another instruction I got muddled up. Because I think my consumption was closer to a bottle last night, so I’m not feeling too flash right now.

As far as dogs quitting sugar is concerned, Gracie and Dexter are fairly ambivalent.  If it’s human food, they’re happy to guzzle it, although Dexter isn’t keen on too much greenery unless it is heavily laced in thick gravy.

What about you? Have you given it a go? Or is your motto do-nut quit sugar?

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