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I thought I’d try something new today, as I’m feeling like I was run over by a bus. But it’s just a bug. So here are some snaps from our road trip the other week!  The back story is that we had a little red car back in South Australia, and I have 2 learner drivers that need to log more hours. So, THEY hatched a plan, that they could drive the car home from uni during their Easter break.

So, we have a trusty little red car:


But first, we took a bus trip. And how else does one pass the time on a bus?

Bus travel at its best_Fotor

We got to Whyalla and were greeted by a classic Whyalla sunset.

Whyalla sunset

Saturday night, the girls caught up with their friends. I stayed in, and wished I hadn’t, because the neighbours stayed in and were getting friendly. And the walls ain’t that thick. Anyway, all I’m saying is, she was short changed….

Sunday morning, I caught up with some of the lovelies from work, and heard a little about the big news that is dominating the town: the Arrium administration. Worrying times.

On a positive note, this was my view when I walked out of the door of the apartment on Sunday morning:

View from the front door of the Foreshore Motor Inn, Whyalla_Fotor

We stayed at the Foreshore Motor Inn. The rooms are being refurbished (so hopefully less neighbour noise in future) and the food at the on-site Water’s Edge Restaurant is the best in town.

Easy like Sunday morning, Whyalla style

Then it was time to leave Whyalla behind, so to the trusty little red car.

Oh, did you think I meant the one in front? No. They’re not the most practical around country SA.

About to set off from Whyalla

Ready for the off after a bit of practice round the industrial estate.

We stopped off for lunch on route in a small country town. If you’re ever passing, make a bee line for Maggie’s Rendezvous at 12 Second Street, Orroroo. Great food, and a little treasure trove inside.

We figured the town must have been named via a game. The rules: choose 1 vowel and 1 consonant, make a name, GO >>>


And the winning name is >>>>>> ORROROO

Change of State

A State of being

We overnighted in Broken Hill. Spookily similar and twinning with Whyalla. Of course, that might be because Whyalla was “made” by the Broken Hill Propriety Company, otherwise known as BHP. So, no coincidence really…

We stayed at a fantastic little spot: The Red Earth Motel. Stay there if you are ever road tripping across Australia!

The trusty red stead in Broken Hill

Ready for the off on what proved to be the most traumatic part of the trip: roo dodging on the road to Dubbo. (100% success rate – no roos OR cars were harmed).

We spent the second night in Dubbo.

Dinner in Dubbo

When in Dubbo, pig out. (Hog’s Breath Cafe)

We stayed at a fairly basic, but clean motel. I was just slightly confused in the morning, when we saw a notice asking us to wash any pots used.

Please wash your pots. But where?

But at which sink?

Ever inventive, we were undeterred.

And off on the last leg of the adventure. Not far now!?!

Oh, so nearly home then_Fotor

Another state of being

State of (Adopted) Origin?

This sign couldn’t have come soon enough. We were starting to flag. As this picture from Toowoomba shows, when we stopped off to refuel. Refuel with coffee. (The little red car goes forever on air, I think). A case of Toowoomba, too far!


The traffic was particularly snarly through Brisbane, but we eventually made it back. And they decorated for us!


The girls did good!

PS. I’m not really good at wordless….

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