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Is it normal to have headaches almost as soon as you try to stop eating sugar? My head has been thumping since lunch time!

I’m pleased to report that progress so far is very positive and I haven’t succumbed to sugar. I haven’t really had any major cravings, though, so I can’t claim it as a major win.

I missed my hill repeats this morning: I overslept! 😱 Too late to bed on account of an irrational desire to make stock. Yes, I found my way into the kitchen and it didn’t cause a nose bleed. I created lots of mess, so I think I was doing it right, and the dogs were delighted when I sploshed some juice on the floor. Dexter nobly helped mop up (with his tongue).

Leg day did happen yesterday and compression pants and socks were worn. Albeit I put the socks on the wrong feet… The DOMS are bearable today, but probably on account of no hill sprints.

The big news of the week is I managed to run 5km at my “dream” race pace: the pace I’d love to achieve in Melbourne. I was in equal parts stoked and dying, gasping for breath as desperately as a fish out of water. (And contemplating impending expiry as much as said fish would be, I suspect). But having spent last year (or maybe my entire lifetime) avoiding pushing too hard, just doing enough to get by, I suddenly find myself willing to test the limits. Can I break 4 hours in Melbourne? Maybe Comrades did change my life. Maybe achieving that one thing has made it safe to try and fail in others. It’s kind of liberating to find I can confess my other secret running goals to my #OpMove tribe and then go hunting them down.

Testing my limits in the kitchen AND on the road. What is the world coming to? Does quitting sugar rewire your hardwiring to the brain?

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