It’s my birthday!

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Titch (otherwise known as Twin2) asked if I was excited about my birthday last night.  And the honest answer was no.  Because, you know, I’m another year closer to 50, which is another decade closer to 60. And then, Titch pointed out, helpfully? reassuringly? that’s when you turn into Granny. I was more worried about the point of no return – when there are no more birthdays, no more tomorrows.

Which is where the whole Jolly Running Project started.

All those ambitions and goals on the slate. Still sitting there from who knows when. Run a marathon, be a writer, career progression, run Comrades… Not to mention all the usual: lose weight, become suddenly stylish and generally be amazeballs and universally loved. *cough*

But all waiting for tomorrow, because, you know, running makes you out of breath and sweaty.  And it hurts quite a lot. And I didn’t quite have the story or the experience. And I am the queen of procrastination.  Ah, but career progression – that I’d managed to get a tick against.  Before sliding back down the greasy pole! OOPS.

But last year, I finally got round to something.  Yes.  I really did!!  *small trumpet fanfare* I got off my arse and had a full blown mid-life crisis.  Woohoo.

I think that’s supposed to happen when you hit 40.  But I’ve always been a late bloomer.

I had the inclination, but no notion, that I needed to do some stuff.  Some of the stuff off the slate. Because it starts to get you down when your list of things to do is a system of simple addition, with no subtraction. I was reaching the point of overwhelm.

Life threw me a bone.  Which if I were a dog, would have been really nice. Lucky for metaphorical, then.  I found OperationMove and that was exactly what I needed at the precise moment I needed it.  Zoey had the smarts and Katie had created the environment that meant I could flourish physically.  And they led me to Lee over at Brightside Coaching. She was running the Flourish Project, and you can find out what it meant to me here

So, I think I can say with all certainty that last year was a good year. I ran my first ever (and to date, only) marathon. I did it in a qualifying time to allow me to stand on the start line of Comrades. I made a heap of friends online, who have been amazing support in all things running, and life beyond that too.  I even made a bunch of real-life friends, too.  For a solitary sport, that’s a curious outcome from running! I started a writing project (that would be this 😉 ), ran Comrades and pretty firmly turned my back on that mid-life crisis.

In celebration, I gave the dogs a new toy. Doodles has figured out how to make the treats fall out, but Gracie-Boo: not so much. (Besides, it conflicts with her lying down time, and it would appear that even when she is standing up, her brain is still in full repose).

Doodles and Boo with a birthday gift

Also, Herbert had a good time at footy.  Apparently (ermm, this dedicated mother was still under the douvet, so wasn’t witness to any heroics) he played a stormer, and got an award.  Birthday lunch? A trip to Maccas, it would seem. Joy.

Herbert's prize

But the best birthday present of all?

(I’m still waiting to open mine, as Twin1 and Twin2 headed out to hockey the moment Herbert got back from footy, so I can’t tell you what awaits – but they do look pretty).

But I was woken up with a hug and a “have a look at this” with Twin1’s phone being thrust in my face.  Yes, the news that marriage is now available to all in America greeted me.  So, thank you, Mr Obama and the Supreme Court. The gift of greater equality to the United States was the perfect start to the day.  And for Australia? Well, let’s just hope it’s the gift of inspiration. #usnext

What are your top tips for warding off a mid-life crisis?

Is getting hot and sweaty your idea of therapy?

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