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Today I quit sugar. Not necessarily for life. But I thought I’d give it a go. You see, Saturday, my stomach felt like it was going to explode. In some remake of a horror movie (that I never saw, because – eek – they’re way too scary for me). But it would definitely have involved a gaziilion aliens climbing out of my tum.

I’d got hold of a Sarah Wilson book in town. (Boganvillia doesn’t do an extensive range in reading material. That would suggest some of us actually read). This one had a good smattering of pretty pictures and cute fonts in bubblegum colours. Just my kind of thing. It would look nice on my cookbook shelf and gather dust attractively with the rest of my tomes.


Only, I did open this one. And what I read seemed to make some sense. (Not being vaguely scientific, I admit I am easily swayed by things that sound researched). And I am definitely addicted to lollies and have all the slumps under the sun. Even getting the colly-wobbles when my blood sugar goes too haywire. So after my near-alien experience on Saturday, I was persuaded to give “no sugar” a whirl. Anyway you look at it, the quality of the nutrition I feed myself could certainly be improved.

And today I felt: depressed! Now it might be entirely unrelated to the reduction in sugar. Certainly it felt more like it was related to someone in my life who drives me up the wall. It’s not a someone I can easily remove myself from, and from experience, it’s not a person I can easily confront with feedback on the effect they have. (Seen that in action and witnessed the carnage. So yes, I am too much of a coward to want to go there)! 😕 I know that is an excuse. And I know I need to ditch the excuses and act. But I have just felt so horribly trapped and weighed down with frustration that thinking my way through it is too hard. So hard, I haven’t wanted to run or lift. Just hide under a blanket. And cry pitifully. Yes, I am a joy to be around. (At least Lord Oscarmort is impervious to the vagaries of my emotions. He’s quite willing to exchange a minute’s worth of cuddles/purrs for a large bowl of food. And he’s quite particular about the largeness of the bowl contents…)

But I do know from running that I stop enjoying the experience when my body is low on fuel. And as soon as I get a gel onboard, it does perk up my mood…

So I have survived a day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. I quit sugar for 12 hours (and counting). Let’s see how tomortow goes.

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