Is fitness causing sickness?

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I’m worried! I’m worried that my efforts to improve my fitness are causing sickness?

Please read this post with your fingers pinching the top of your nose. Why? Because that is what I sound like, right now.

fitness making me sick
A bit like this…!

I have a cold. *insert very sorry-for-itself-looking “smiley”* (which is obviously doing its best not to be too smiley and is playing a tiny violin).

And we all know that my blog is just me talking, but on screen, rather than out loud, hence needing you to get the right tone of voice in your head.

(If I talk out loud when only the animals are home, Dexter feels honour bound to talk back, so it initiates a cacophony of barking, which I’m sure will disturb the neighbours and lead to complaints. Therefore, I try to contain episodes of our chatting to the minimum).

Fitness is making me sick.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find that as soon as they start a fitness campaign, they more or less immediately develop a cold/flu? Maybe I’m over-reacting and feeling unnecessarily sorry for myself. But it feels that way to me.

And I am over it.

Despondently yesterday, I sought trusted medical opinion.

I consulted Dr Google.

Turns out he’s very versatile in his diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

He informed me that I could have fibromyalgia(!) or chronic fatigue syndrome(!!), it could be my liver’s inability to remove toxins quickly enough following a heavy workout and is just a detox reaction NOT a cold, or simply that when you increase your exercise load, your immune system gets distracted by repairing all the tiny muscle tears and forgets to protect you from any passing virus.

fitness making me sick

I suspect the latter is the most likely.

It’s damn annoying though. I was just building up a head of exercise-momentum steam, and now I feel knocked back. So rude!

And I’m never quite sure whether I should just soldier on and ignore it. I rested all day yesterday, and don’t feel particularly sick today. Just a bit wooly headed (not that most would notice the difference to normal – hah!) and congested.

I have heard the theory that if its just a head cold, carry on.

But whenever I get a head cold, it goes straight on my chest. (Unlike weight, which generally and disappointingly ignores my chest).

I blame my mum for this phenomenon. The coughing, not the fat storage. (I can’t blame her for that, as she is the complete reverse).

I’m sure it is smoking-related and I DEFINITELY don’t think it is genetics, at all, or anything to do with the fact that my dad catches bronchitis in place of a common-a-garden cold. I mean, that’s barely related, surely.

So, I need your advice:

  • Carry on?
  • Keep resting?
    • I wanted to run today!!!!!
  • Sure-fire remedies to stop a cold in its tracks

Because, seriously, the Grumpster just called. (He’s very cute and rings for a little chat most days. Often by way of disguising the fact that he’s thought of 7 chores I could just be getting on with…. But also so that I actually have some opportunity to speak out loud, without initiating Dexter-woofing).

Anyhow, he commented that I’m “the world’s biggest drama queen when [I’m] sick”.

So, remedy advice is essential. For restoring family harmony and preventing my husband getting punished for his cheekiness when he gets home – see, I’m suddenly not feeling so bad – I could definitely administer a slap!!!

What should I do? Go >>>


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