Feel the fear and do it anyway

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Susan Jeffers coined the phrase “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” and published a book in 1987, the year I started uni. Yes Mum, I know I’m getting old, but enough of that… The book passed me by, but you can’t escape knowing the catchphrase.

And yesterday, I did something truly scary.

I signed up with a triathlon club here in Brisbane.


I was fine at the time. I don’t know if it’s a gift or a curse, but I have the ability to completely switch off the reasoning part of my brain when I sign up for things. I think all thought processes are fully suspended. Well, apart from the bit that deals with “name”, “address”, “bank account details”.

And therein lies half the problem.

I was idling surfing Brisbane Triathlon Clubs on google, as you do, and found one that had a special offer on. Free membership until July. And I have no money, so BINGO!

A very deep non-conscious part of my brain knew I’ve reached a point of inertia with training at the moment, so I needed a jolt out of it. Probably why I was idly browsing triathlon clubs. I need a kick up the arse and something to physically make me accountable for showing up. Sometimes I lose the inner-ability to do it by myself. Well, more than sometimes.

And I like social settings. That’s why I enjoy taking part in running events. I like being in amongst it. And chatting. 😀

The bit of my brain that wasn’t working was the bit that deals with fear.

I wonder if it comes down to being British and living on the north-east coast. Near the North Sea. And being taken to the beach as a child and “encouraged” to go in for a swim. (I’m pretty sure it’s warmer in parts of Antarctica than it is in the North Sea). And yes, the initial getting in is the worst part. Because you lose ALL feeling within 2 seconds of being immersed in the sub-zero chill that is the North Sea in summer. “There, you see, what did I tell you. It’s not so bad is it?” And you can’t disagree.

Because your suddenly blue-tinted lips are frozen together and your teeth are rattling so hard that it’s impossible to make an actual sound….

And when the 3 warmer seasons of the year look like this…

…I guess you become – stoic.

And maybe it gives you the ability to switch off thinking momentarily…

But only momentarily…

BECAUSE FEAR!!! Because holy shit Batman!! I can’t swim, I can’t ride and I can barely run at the moment. And I know NO-ONE at my chosen club. What could possibly be terrifying about that scenario?

Oh well, it’s done now. I guess Thursday’s the day.

Wish me luck. xx


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