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I have decided I want a kitten.  A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted a blog.  Now I have a blog.  When I decide I want something, it usually happens.  I am impetuous that way.

So now I am on a mission to own a kitten, and the poor hubstacle has had to endure a kitten-need tirade this week.

Mr Jolly (aka Mr Grumpy) was away this week.  Which should have made his situation better.  But it actually put him more in the path of danger, as his mobile phone was the only means of communication back home.  And that presented the opportunity to harangue him with an incessant stream of images of kittens peeping at him from text, email and apps.

And if being accosted with a new kitten image every time he opened his phone wasn’t enough, the written communication wasn’t much better.

10 out of 10 for subtle, right?  Who said you had to be a character in a novel to suffer for love…

But meanwhile in Jollyland, I have been the mouse to my real-life paying employer’s cat.  You see, they decided I was going to be trained this week.  Trained to be a coach.  A couple of previous real life paid employers have tried that, too. I have not become a coach.   I was pretty sceptical that this would be anymore successful.  Coaching requires the coach to listen for around 80% of the conversation. Hello world – I started a blog because I want to do the talking!!!  I’m no different in the workplace.

This particular course was actually really good, despite my reservations. It did what good courses should do and appealed to all the different learning and thinking styles. It was entertaining and engaging and provided lots of new concepts. I’d learnt about learning styles previously.  But thinking styles was something new.  And it was pretty fascinating. You see, it made me realise that it’s not my fault that I want a kitten this badly.  (I like it when I can absolve myself of blame).

The whole kitten question was raised by Twin2 a few weeks ago.  On leaving South Africa, we promised her a kitten, and 15 months later, she decided to call in the favour. The boyfriend had suggested he got her a kitten for Christmas* and so she asked if that would be OK.  Mr Jolly immediately said NO.  A kitten would be little more than a fleeting snack for Doodles. And this is a legitimate concern.  We don’t know how he would react to a cat.

But we had cats in the UK and we owned a killer dog there.  Alfie was the most adorable pooch you could meet, and could turn eyes on you that would melt chocolate from 100 paces.  But he was a lawless slayer that nearly got us kicked out of the village for the frenzied murders of several neighbours’ chickens.  And he would have loved to turn his blood lust on the cats, but he knew I was watching.  When the cats emerged through the backdoor, he would glance over to see if I was looking through the window, then sulk because my presence prevented him giving chase.

I digress, but bear with me.  There actually is a connection between kittens and my coaching course.  Truly.

You see, in terms of thinking style, according to the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, I came out as having quite a high preference for “free” thinking, and one of the traits is impetuousness. And being a risk taker.  Not seeing dangers.  (I also have a fairly high “feelings” preference, which is where the talks a lot comes from).  I am very much right-brained.  Figuring out how to make my blog actually work was a horror when I was trying to start up – it involved using technology and having to do things logically. Urgh.  Not my bag.  And probably why I moved out of accountancy… Plus it might explain why blogging has helped me find the balance that was missing from my life.  I am employed in a job that is all about maintaining processes and reducing risk and planning.  It involves a huge amount of routine.  Thank goodness I found Lee at Brightside Coaching.  Not only can she listen and ask respectfully challenging questions (yes, she truly can coach), but she really helped me resolve the disconnect I was feeling.

Mr Jolly (aka Mr Long Suffering and sometimes Mr Grumpy) is not a free thinker.  He has a very good brain and can think with most parts of it.  So he can do the logical and analytical.  He has been known to insist we deal in facts!  (Like when he’s following up on reasons why the bank account seems so depleted on a regular basis). Plus, he is very good at establishing routines.  This is the only reason the kids are fed regularly and I have clean knickers to wear each day.  Without Mr Jolly ensuring the household chores get done, that would only happen sporadically.  Usually only after I realised a child had fainted from hunger (assuming I noticed) or I’d no clean knickers to put on.  He also has feelings. He is kind and generous, good at ensuring people learn how to do things (unless he’s dealing with the untrainable: he has classified me thus) and is a generally all-round good guy. So I probably shouldn’t take advantage of his good nature quite as remorselessly as I do.  But the point is, it’s not my fault.  It’s just the way I’m made.

And that’s why seeing a picture of a kitten, and having to own one IMMEDIATELY OR I MIGHT ACTUALLY COMBUST has kept me awake at night.

So, whilst I don’t think I will ever be good at coaching, I promise to give it a go.  In the meantime, though,  Twin1 has a friend who has an aunt who has a cat that has had kittens. And I got shown a picture of the kittens.  So we are going over to visit them later this week.

I’ll keep you posted on how we get on 😉

What’s your thinking type?  Are you cool, calm and logical; organised and a fabulous planner; a chatter box or are you impetuous like me?

*The Boy Wonder has just read this through and pointed out that the kitten was supposed to be a 12 month anniversary gift, and followed up with “you really don’t listen, do you?”

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