Easter Miracles

The Long Jog to Comrades No Comment

And I don’t just mean the miracle where I update my blog; no, there’s more!!

There’s the fact that I ran 35km today.  On my own.  And I didn’t even fall over.  (Last week I ran the same route with friends, and luckily Jacqui came equipped with a backpack the size and weight it looked like she had just detoured from a military training exercise.  The contents included betadine wipes, which came in handy, because I managed to tumble over NOTHING and cut my hands and knees.  Like an 8 year old.  And like an 8 year old, I had to be cleaned up by my pals Jacqui and Ness and given energy gels to make me feel better – or possibly the point was just to keep me upright – by Rachel).  So today was a bit remarkable, because I stayed upright the entire time!

Another miracle was that despite a series of unfortunate incidents, I actually started my run.  The first was a result of the clocks going back last night and my alarm misunderstanding when it was supposed to go off.  So, I set off late.  Then my water bladder sprang a leak.  It unfastened the hose bit.  By itself.  And tipped half it’s contents into my knickers, meaning that I looked like I’d wet myself within 1.5km of leaving home.  And because it was broad daylight, and Boganvillia is the home of the national snapper fishing championships this weekend, of course there were people around to see….

I can't believe we let her go out in public with wet knickers...
I can’t believe we let her go out in public with wet knickers…

Then having readjusted the connection, and finally got going again, I suddenly realised that I’d set off without breakfast.  March saw my motivation at an all time low, so this could have been a fatal blow to my mojo, but no, a miracle had occurred and I didn’t turn back.

My little leggies were sore, I had a blister on my foot from yesterday’s 20 kilometre trot with Ness, my toe nail was being a bitch, but I was in the zone!  The sand track I hit could have done for me, but the fabulous girls in my Far and Fast group over at Operation Move kept egging me on.  So I walked for a bit, took a couple of photos of the beautiful day and somehow stumbled on some mental toughness.  (Without falling, I might add).  Today, my run transformed from a chore than had to be performed to something I wanted to achieve, and that makes it a whole new sparkly experience.

The sand that nearly made me bail
The sand that nearly made me bail

Tonight, I managed to walk to the pub for dinner.  Someone wanted to come too – he was following us up the road:


Take me with you
Take me with you, human

I need one small additional miracle to occur.  Sudacrem needs to work it’s magic.  Let’s just say that running 35km with a wet bum has its disadvantages.  So, my little pot of miracle cream needs to put the chafe back in it’s place.

Miracle cream
Miracle cream

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