Public Service Announcement: Crossfit

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Firstly, don’t make new year’s resolutions.

I don’t wanna blog today.

I know!

There I was, waxing lyrical about blogging everyday like 3 days ago, but I haven’t got anything vaguely fascinating to tell you. So why inflict this tiny corner of the tinter-web on you if there isn’t anything worth spending your time reading?

My wit and repartee have surfaced occasionally on FB. I wrote things that made me chuckle at my own hilarity. Twice.

(I know you shouldn’t laugh at your own jokes, but some top-of-his-game funnyman (I can’t remember who, though) said if his jokes didn’t make him laugh, then they probably weren’t funny). So I am just being my very own litmus test.

But each evening when I come in here, I’m all out of verve and vigour.

(There is no excuse for me only getting round to blogging at this time of day, tonight, as I have been off work all day :D).

Crossfit: makes you less cross and apparently more fit

But I can blog. At least I can type… Unexpectedly, my arms are functioning again. There was a moment, on entering the car after Crossfit, that I did wonder if I could actually get home. Then my buttocks reminded me that they hurt more than my arms (the rowing machine is an evil beast), so I forgot to whinge at myself and got on with driving home.

I am a bit peeved about Crossfit, actually. It was awesome, and I officially graduated today. (Didn’t get my T-shirt as advertised, though…. arms crossed, tutting). Did I tell you my Crossfit joke? Sweat is simply brain cells escaping the insanity: they don’t want to live with crazies that voluntarily enter a Crossfit gym. Yeah, my dad makes up his own jokes. There’s a reason we haven’t given up the day jobs in our family…

But back to being peeved…

So, you know I was telling you about the Garmin conspiracy to kill me? When it reset my max heart rate to 200, then had me cycling at crazy speeds/effort levels to try and maintain the intensity level dictated by my training plan. That one.

Well, the Garmin is now in league with Crossfit. Look what it did to me:

Bloody heart rates

I am now fucked. Because 198!!! I’m going to have to actually work up a sweat. And it’s going to really hurt… And I don’t think that’s what it’s supposed to be about, is it?



Hum. Well, on that note, I’m going to adopt the pose…

And in case you can’t find me here, you can always find me on Strava. 😀

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