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Word is finally out that Kate and Zoey over at Operation Move have their sights set on conquering Comrades in 2015.  And as I was already having delirious dreams of flying the 9,500kms to Durban to take part in the epic 90kms run, I’m now part of the 3 woman OpMove team! (Not that it’s limited to 3, it’s just that no-one else from the crew has openly admitted to being that level of crazy). YET.

It’s made for an interesting couple of weeks, as I was on the inside track before the big reveal came on Friday. Whilst I’ve been a fan of OpMove for several months, passively following along from home for a long time, and then becoming a fully paid-up member in May, I’m not really part of the inner sanctum for goodness sake.  But I’d been party to some of Kate and Zoey’s secret discussions around could, should, would they go to South Africa!!!

I’ve had a huge secret big-girl crush  on these 2 dynamic individuals that I only know virtually via forums and FB chats for quite some time, because Operation Move is such an amazing space.  It is an organisation that stands with open arms to embrace all women who aspire to use running to improve their health and fitness, and it just oozes support and uncompromising acceptance of each individual’s goals.  The belief that if you want it and you work for it, you will achieve it (regardless of the naughty demons in your head that tell you otherwise) pervades everything they do. In a social media world overrun with “health and wellness” sites that seem to promote little more than negativity, self-loathing and judgement, Operation Move is the antidote.  So I’ve been like the fangirl that just won tickets to the meet and greet for that last 2 weeks.  Much silent squealing and a constant feeling that I might just wet my knickers.


The downside to this is that I’ve now said it out loud.  I’ve harboured Comrades dreams ever since I spent the majority of the 12 hours of televised coverage horizontally transfixed from the sofa, covered by a cosy blanket. Two years running.  I did get off the sofa to do the odd bit of running occasionally after that. But due to erratic training and no real plan, the dream stayed firmly fixed in my head.

Last year, I mentioned it in passing to Mr Jolly (aka Mr Grumpy).  He looked away from whatever sport happened to be flickering in front of his eyes, gave me his full attention briefly and emitted the dire warning “you’d die”.  Then went back to the match. When I next managed to attract his attention, and insist that I really would like to give it a go, he relented with a “well, if you manage to run a marathon this year, I’ll talk to you about it then.  But you’ve never run further than 10km…”.  So with the help of OpMove, I ran a marathon in August.

But it still felt like just a dream, to be honest.  Something I’d theoretically wanted to do for years and years, but might never quite get round to.  But when I reminded the hubstacle about our deal, he wasn’t dismissive.  And when I mentioned it to Coach Zoey, she didn’t fall about laughing, she just got busy working out a plan to help get me there.  Because that’s the OpMove way – no judgement or calling the men in white coats. And then I got a message from Kate saying she was thinking of doing it.  And now I’m part of the team that is going to Comrades.  OMG! It’s actually real.  WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!!


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