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It’s summer, and therefore, it’s time for my obligatory post bemoaning the effects of chafe. Because I have been suffering. Oh yes indeedy.

I found this picture on Google (see below) showing the zones – not erogenous zones – no need to look away. And realised, at least in my experience, it’s dismally inadequate in explaining the real horror of chafe in the sub-tropics.


The Jette Stream

So far this year, I’ve had chafe on the back of my thigh – not just between my legs – actually on the back of my leg. I’d been wearing my fave running skirt – the Skirtsports jette, which has been my trusty skirt of choice for a long time. I don’t know if I’d lost a wee bit of weight (thank you WeightWatchers), but suddenly the unbudge-able shorties were shifting up and down and creating a whole lot of trouble. Which then scabbed and healed super-slowly (old age setting in, I suspect) and I was left to explain to Michael the Massage when he remarked about the scab on the back of my leg. Oh the shame!



Then there’s the chafe on my mid back – bra fastening chafe. Had that before, but normally only when I run a very long way with my bra on inside out…

The Devil wears Juno

And more recently, a brand new invented place. Between-the-boob chafe. I’d love to say this was due to being sufficiently endowed to cause friction. But no. That is not my issue. Turns out there was a little seam in my trusty go-to running bra, and it found skin, and then decided to help remove a little patch. After all, who doesn’t want a nice little scab sitting between their boobs… chafeNice! As it’s my go-to running bra (the Moving Comfort Juno – see above), I’ve built up a stash over the last couple of years of the same model in several different colours. Which then proved a problem, as the same seam exists in all of them. And it wanted to be friends with my latest scab.

So suddenly, my running wardrobe has taken a beating and I’ve had to reassess.

First off, I decided to invest in some longer running pants. When I find a brand I like, I tend to stick with it, and the majority of my lower-half attire is therefore a variant on a Skirtsports running skirt… Which were all suddenly off-limits due to inflicting further damage – even different styles that were marginally longer in the leg were causing mischief.

Here we go LubyLoo

I’d heard a lot about Lululemon running pants. This was largely on account of pockets galore. I was also intrigued because I get forcibly body-barged by the family if I ever try to make a beeline to a Lululemon store. To the point that I’d never actually entered one until 4 weeks ago! (I know: complete travesty, hey!) But 4 weeks ago, I found there is one about 500m from where I work, so no fam-bam on patrol during lunch breaks. #winning

As it turned out, I managed to bribe Twin1 to come on a mission with me. I bought her a new sports bra, (rather than just passing on my rejects). So, having got her interested in being instore, I set about finding some anti-chafe leg wear. After trying pretty much every pair of pants that passed the chafe zone, I walked out with 2 new items.

Never try anything new on race day…

The first ones were the Fast and Free crop. I have worn them a couple of times, and whilst I can’t say they’ve made me fast, they do feel great on – even in the hideous heat oppressing Brisbane right now. Yes, they have pockets galore, yes, they have a draw string, but they are also made of super light fabric and it truly wicks. Having bought them on the Saturday, I wore them the following day to run 25km at the Gold Coast 50 with no adverse effects. And definitely no chafe!

no chafe

I also bought a pair of Speed Up crops. These are a heavier fabric, and I find they are a bit too warm to run outdoors in after about 6am. But I love the “hugged” feeling, and wore them to the gym today. My tight muscles – which really need a decent session on the foam roller – felt super snug and comfortable. Plus I survived the tempo-run-that-was-really-a-speed-session with no adverse effects.


no chafe


Keeping the girls happy

I’ve also donated a couple of old style Junos to Twin 1, too. I’d bought the newer version at the beginning of the year. Initially I was sceptical. My fave being remodelled when Moving Comfort was taken over by Brooks. I didn’t understand why they wanted to meddle with a winner. But I’m now convinced. It’s more breathable and has removed the treacherous seam in the front. So I’ve invested in a new one, seeing as they were on sale at SheScience for Boxing Day. (The sale has finished, but keep your eyes on their site, as they do have deals available intermittently). The reason I love them is that they offer an online/over the phone fitting service for those of us who aren’t Melbourne based, so you will get a bra that fits you well.

The other bra brand I’ve had my eye on for a while and was keen to try is SkirtSports’ own version, and when I saw they had the Kelly bra (Kelley!!) on half price yesterday, I had to give it a whirl. They were offering a free pair of men’s shorts, so how could I turn down the opportunity to treat the Grumpster?! #itwasallforhim

no chafe?

I’ll report back once I’ve given it a whirl. (PS. SkirtSports still have their sale on! So, if like me, Santa forgot to add lycra to your stocking, you can redress the Big Man in Red’s mistake).

Hoka Hoka Hoka! One One One!

My final indulgence was a new pair of runners. Not an indulgence in one sense… I was checking out stats on Strava, and realised my current shoes have travelled nearly 850km. With me in them. No wonder the sole is nearly non-existent.

No, the indulgence is that I’m disobeying physio orders. I’ve sent for a pair of Hoka One Ones for fat feet. The fatness of my feet is still really beyond the realm of their width fittings (they go to D and I should wear 2E), so that’s one thing. But the toe to heel drop is only 5mm. And I have been warned that I should go no less than 8mm with the tightness of my calves…

But I have Hoka FOMO.

no chafe

Boxing clever – maybe

But with 26% off in the Boxing Day sales and a 30 day returns policy, I’ve taken a punt. It would have been rude not to.

There’s a strong chance they’ll chafe my inside foot, simply because they are slightly too narrow. And snap my calves. But hey, if that happens, we’ll keep this strictly between ourselves, right! Not a word to Kerry when he has to fix me up! 😉



PS. None of this blog is sponsored or in anyway endorsed by the brands or products mentioned. All opinions my very own.

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