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Hi there. JollytheRunner

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I write about how much I like to run (or not, which is often the case), a process I’ve been working at, on and off, since the arrival of Twin 1 and Twin 2. You’ll be introduced to the members of my family, several of whom are fur babies…

Running started as my ammunition in the fight against the flab that had inexplicably and stubbornly clung to my post-pregnant body DESPITE breastfeeding. Turns out boobing wasn’t enough to overcome my 2 bag a day liquorice habit…

From suffering from lamp post to lamp post, I found out it is possible to run more than 10km without my legs literally falling off my body!  And somewhere along the line, I became hooked on the other things that running is – time alone, clarity of mind and lets not forget the ENDORPHINS. Running is a one-way street to happy.

I’m a mum who blew her own mind when I achieved my crazy ultra marathon running goals when I hit 45. Turns out the girl who never made any sports team could run 90 kilometres up a lot of big hills. If you have the right mind set and the right support crew, you can do anything. You just have to believe. Now I’ve decided to dice with drowning and give triathlon a go. If I can do it, anyone can.

If you’re looking for your very own happy, if you want to turn average into awesome, then dive in and get a piece of the Jolly Running action. It’s regularly random, but it’s the things that make me smile.

Join me.

Love The Jolly Runner. x


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