2017: Freshwater Snails and other unusual sightings

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2017: It’s a New Year Baby

So here we are in 2017! And yes, I’m still intact. Even if the blog is a little tatty around the edges for lack of attention…Can I just ask, though, what does it actually mean? New Year? Well, I know it means that we’ve been counting the days we circle round the sun since Jesus was alive, and we’re now back more or less where we started 365 days ago. But the whole idea that the day changes and we get to press reset – why is that? Because the earth turned a fraction just like it did the day before, and the moon whizzed round the earth and chased it’s tail the same as the day before. And you and I, we breathed in and out much the same as we always did. Maybe I’m just a bit grumpy because I feel like I’m still playing catch up. Besides I hadn’t got round to planning any New Year’s Resolutions. Stop the world I want to get off.

2017: I am not grumpy

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not actually grumpy. (That’s the Grumpster’s role, after all). I’ve had a lovely couple of days since the year refreshed and we get to start all over again.

2017: parkrun presents

Sunday offered up the chance to do the double. In terms of parkrun. Not winning trophies!! (You’re on the wrong blog if you thought there might be mention of silverware). Two whole new locations visited and my tally of all-time parkrunning is now at 22. To be honest, my parkruns are just as regularly parkwalks, so I haven’t technically run 22… yet. And boy, was it hot! Top 20s by 7am – it was not a day for improving my record of running the whole course. Besides, I’m Low Heart Rate running, so I have to keep walking to get my breath back under control.

2017: Resolution Central

There was talk of resolutions on Sunday. As we were sheltering in the little shade available, lovely Melissa mentioned that she’d seen something on Strava about 2016 achievements. It had announced that out of the whole community, only 40 users had recorded some activity EVERY day in 2016. So Melissa has chosen to make that her 2017 challenge, which is very cool. And I thought I’d like to do that.

2017: Scratch that

Except I changed my mind.

I woke up today with the prospect of swimming at Enoggera Dam. How appealing! A dunk in cool water, rather than another day convinced I live directly on the sun.

Of course I’m not sure I like open water swimming.

My swimming has improved heaps recently. Well, the occasions I swim with fins it has. I glide through the water like – well – other human beings who aren’t drowning. So, I have taken to ALWAYS swimming with fins. Which is sort of fine at the pool.

But I wasn’t going to the pool…

I woke up and then I faffed about and faffed some more. Then eventually got in the car and set off. Only to realise about 5kms down the road that I’d forgotten my swim bag. So I turned round. Then set off along a different road. Because I realised my fave coffee shop would be open, and I decided it would be safer to swim post-coffee. My swimming is sufficiently stupid when my brain is engaged. God help us when I’m pre-caffeinated!

2017: The Snail experienced fresh water!

As I got to the dam I could see many energetic arm movements coming from the distant buoys, which I suspect were the SBTC_greenarmy that managed to arrive on time. I got in the water having managed to get my snail hat and goggles on correctly. #winning But distracted by my inability to get the Garmin to pick up a satellite, I forgot to put my fins on!!!! #huh?

I will not be allowed to swim the 1500m at Mooloolaba with fins.

The snail, therefore, skulked off towards the distant buoys with no fins. #itsapostChristmasmiracle

There was much spluttering, panicking and uncertainty about the wisdom of this course of action. But, cursing the Garmin, which was stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that I was inching closer to the far distant buoys – albeit painfully slowly – I kept on crawling.

And I made it. I noted that the out-to-the-distant-buoys took 5 minutes longer than the return journey.

I don’t think the dam is tidal. I think the difference is merely the reduction in panicking. And actually managing to kick like a human, rather than a cartoon character. (Did I tell you about my swim analysis episode? The quick version is: I can’t swim freestyle because I am a cartoon. I almost ball up like a …. snail). #whodhavethunkit

2017: Not the only miracle

The other one is that I cooked today.

So, I had decided to join one challenge before the year turned. It’s a 30 day #HealthyLifestyleChallenge2017. It encourages you to eat more veggies and drink less wine. I’d been missing that sentence up.

Today I thermomixed a Skinnymixer caesar salad. And very yummy it was too. I feel very virtuous and like I deserve bonus points. Because I cooked people!!

Unfortunately, you only get 1 point for each serve of veggies (to a max of 5 points each day), and as my salad only had 1 serve of salad veg, my score did not increase massively as a result of my mess efforts in the kitchen.

Luckily, sleep scores points. And as sleeping is my superpower, I’m going to nail that each day.

2017: My challenge

Don’t laugh, but rather than Strava every day, I suddenly thought it would be fun to blog every day. It was the freshwater: it affected my brain.

I just know you want to hear my exploits on the way to Mooloolaba (Olympic distance tri) and Cairns 70.3 Ironman (that’s a half to the uninitiated) and Melbourne Marathon… Don’t you? DON’T YOU!!!!

I’ve already failed, as I missed yesterday. But we’ll still inch around the sun for another 365 days, so I’ll use those ones.

And daily blogs will be MUCH shorter. Promise.

Happy New Year.

Let’s make 2017 a good one. Because “hope” is not a strategy. xxx


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